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5 Best FREE Email Accounts for Business in 2022

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5 Best FREE Email Accounts for Business in 2022
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We Are Going to Discuss About 5 Best Free Business Email Accounts for Business in 2022 . As a blog, Business and any type of organization have custom Email address for the Company. Many people use free email accounts with no custom domain name, which does not look professional.

What is Business Email Accounts?

Business Email Accounts Are those accounts which have your company name in email instead of normal Gmail Outlook or yahoo name. Many people use normal email account but they did not look professional. But in This time all company use Business Email Accounts. Because if some company did not have custom email account many people did not trust on the Blog or Company. So in this era Lots of Company provide Free Business Email Accounts for Business. And we already find the 5 Best Free Business Email Accounts for Business in 2022 for you .

FREE Best Email Providers

  • Gmail – They provide 30GB free space and also provide the chat & calling feature. Gmail have the spam Filtering you can access With iOS, android, windows, macOS, Linux.
  • GoDaddy – They provide 25GB free space and also provide the chat & calling feature. its also have the spam filtering feature and access with the windows, macOS, Linux .
  • Bluehost – They provide you only 5GB of free space With only Chat support . but they also provide spam Filtering and you access with iOS, Android, Windows, macOS, Linux.
  • Namecheap – They provide you Free 5GB Free space for the email With chat support . they also provide you spam filter for spam filtering and you also get the HTML signature , You can access with Windows, Apple and Android devices.
  • Outlook – Outlook provides free trial but in 125/Month plan you can get 1TB cloud storage and also chat calling feature. You can Access with windows Apple and android devices. And you also get the 365 office subscription.


gmail workspace  email

you can use this service for your personal as well as for business.

Gmail for business is most use full and efficient emailing application with around 2billion active user. this provide you secure and Ad free emailing and smart replay experience. The Gmail have advanced grammar and spell check feature for your emailing and for this feature you never mistake in any mail.

  • Mailbox Size: 15GB
  • Email alias: Yes
  • Attachment Size Limit: Send up to 25 MB
  • Mobile Apps: Android and iOS
  • Scheduled Emails: Yes

Gmail Pro Features : Gmail has an excellent spam protection feature. it offers you 14 days free trial period. provides 24/7 support. You can manage other accounts like Yahoo, Outlook, or any other POP email from the same interface.


godaddy business email

GoDaddy is a modern webmail service provider and it has Ad-Free experience. they has the one of best spam filtering feature. This application enables you to preview your attached files.

  • Mailbox Size: 10GB
  • Email alias: Yes, it supports.
  • Attachment Size Limit: 20 MB
  • Mobile Apps: Android and iOS
  • Preview – Yes

GoDaddy Pro Features : it Has great and mobile friendly design . You can edit your site from anywhere in any device. and They also have only preview feature in this service only GoDaddy has this feature . and you also Get AI-powered advice to help your business grow. This app helps you to schedule appointments, get reminders, and send invites on all the devices. GoDaddy stores emails in a secure database so your all emails will be safe and protected. and you can also restored email that you deleted accidently.


bluehost business email

Bluehost has very professional and easy to use design . it allows you to customize mails in very less efforts. This web application has shared working documents and integrated video meetings.

  • Mailbox Size: 50GB
  • Email alias: Yes, it supports.
  • Attachment Size Limit: 50 MB
  • Mobile Apps: Android and iOS

Bluehost Pro Features : it have simple and easy to use feature . they Offers Bluehost WordPress focused hosting service. and you also get the FTP account and File Manager. they provide you a free domain name for 1 year when you signup. and no hidden charges . Bluehost automatically updates the application. It offers one the best email accounts and allows you to manage your email from the web on any device. Bluehost provides 24/7 expert support.


namecheap business email provider

Namecheap is specially design for email hosting service and business use but you can also use it for personally it has the great feature . this service provider allows you to manage multiple accounts under one roof .

  • Mailbox Size: 5GB
  • Offers HTML signature.
  • You will get protection from spam.
  • Support of IMAP, SMTP, and POP3.
  • Compatible with Windows, Apple, and Android devices.


outlook business email provider

Outlook has one of the best business service email provider and also get the exchange Server, Exchange Online, and Office 365 for free . it allows you to access email , shared calendars, and contacts from any where.

  • it protects your confidential information .
  • This software provides intelligent reminders.
  • Outlook gives Bcc warning when emails are blind copied.
  • It allows you to create rules to prioritize and organize emails.
  • It provides a simple way to find people, and messages, documents in email.

How To Get Free Business Email:

  1.  Visit any of the above-listed business email service providers
  2.  Sign up with your business details like domain name, website, contact details, etc.
  3.  Set up your business email account and confirm the final changes
  4.  Now, you can use your free business email

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